Many parts of our technical world would come to a standstill without specialty lubricants. Drive units wouldn’t work, machines would be unable to produce and water wouldn’t flow through the pipes. Thanks to specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication, though, all of these things can continue to function, and do so efficiently, sustainably and reliably – often without even being noticeable by the consumer. For best results, we tailor our specialty lubricant solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers with a focus on two essential core areas: innovation and sustainability. With innovative technology, we promote sustainability, laying the foundation for a world in which industry and environment go hand in hand. Protection of the environment is what motivates us to continuously develop our products – and it’s our customers that benefit the most.

Innovative and sustainable - we find solutions for tomorrow's demands.

Everything is changing. Every day. We have to keep up. Constantly improve, always move forward.  

No sooner said than done. Together we are on this journey and mastering the challenges of tomorrow. 

Innovation does not happen by chance. It is formed — from inspiration, knowledge, and experience. We are rethinking the future of lubrication and going beyond.   

Together beyond lubrication


Klüber Lubrication: facts and figures

Issues such as innovative power, sustainability and quality are hard to measure in numbers – but we can measure the success fostered by these values. A brief profile of Klüber Lubrication:

  • Our headquarters has been located in Munich since the company’s foundation in 1929.
  • We achieved turnover of 980 million euros in 2022.
  • We have successfully developed over 2000 products.
  • We employ over 2,500 people worldwide.
  • Global network – subsidiaries in 39 countries and partners worldwide.

Specialty lubricants for all industries and components

From mechanical engineering to the food-processing industry – the needs of our customers differ massively from one business area to the next. Every industry needs lubricants which meet the specific requirements of the industry and the respective manufacturer/operator.

For example, the textile industry needs lubricants that can be washed out, while the wood-working industry needs lubricants that can withstand high temperatures. We do everything we can to meet the needs of our customers for full satisfaction. See for yourself and find out more about the fields of application of our lubricants.

Klüber Lubrication is a business division of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities GmbH and has been part of the Freudenberg Group, with its headquarters in Weinheim, Germany, since 1966. Founded over 170 years ago by Carl Johann Freudenberg, Freudenberg is a family-owned company with an international focus incorporating a total of 16 business groups. Long-term orientation, financial solidarity and the skills and experience of over 50,000 employees are the pillars of the Freudenberg Group’s success.

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