Traxit coating agents deliver optimum results and uniform wire surfaces in wire drawing even under difficult conditions.

Coating agents for the wire drawing industry: Less wear thanks to optimum pre-treatment

The longer the service life of the dies in the wire drawing line, the better the system availability and productivity. Companies that can reduce the wear on the drawing die and extend the lifetime of their wire production through optimum drawing processes, are able to produce more economically and thereby gain an advantage in the market. Coating agents help to achieve precisely that: They even out the irregularities on the wire surface, make the wire drawing process more stable and enable higher drawing speeds.

The pre-coatings for wire drawing are for the most part comprised of sulphates, borates, silicates and other salts, as well as polymers. To use them, the powders are dissolved in hot water at approx. 80-90°C. They create a stable layer on the wire surface which provides basic lubrication and helps lead the lubricant through. Coating agents are generally used in dry drawing processes.

How having exactly the right coating agents improves the wire drawing process

Areas of unevenness on the wire surface are the cause of increased wear on the die during wire drawing. In addition, they are a potential weak point and encourage wire ruptures. Coating agents even out these irregularities to ensure stable drawing processes irrespective of the wire rod characteristics. They enable production at higher speeds and reduce the drag on the die. The result is higher productivity and lower consumption of electrical energy per ton of wire produced.

Achieving maximum productivity – with pre-coatings from Traxit

As the global market leader in specialty lubricants for dry and wet drawing processes, Traxit offers its customers over 300 products and comprehensive services for achieving the best possible results in wire drawing. These also include the Traxit coating agents for wire drawing, which have been developed and tested on the basis of many years of experience and in close collaboration with leading wire manufacturers. They even out irregularities to optimum effect and create a defined, uniform roughness on the wire. This ensures that the dry lubricant is led through the drawing die as effectively as possible. At the same time, Traxit coatings also form a separating layer between the wire and the die and thereby provide basic lubrication for the wire drawing line.

A notable feature of the coating agents from Traxit is that they dry very quickly. This enables very high infeed speeds on the first block and higher wire drawing speeds overall. Moreover, this also means that highly compact wire drawing machines can be used. Traxit coating agents also have the advantage of being able to absorb free acids and improve the solubility of lubricant residues.

By using the service-proven Traxit coating agents, companies in the wire drawing industry benefit from stable processes with high drawing speeds and less wear on the die – and from increased productivity and cost-effectiveness as a result.

Working together for success: With exactly the right coating agent and Traxit as your partner

Exactly the right coating agent, perfectly tailored to the requirements and wire drawing process of each customer: The focus and goal of Traxit is to create added value through the highest possible product quality and custom-tailored service. Our experts take care of all questions relating to your wire drawing lubricants and coatings – from the comprehensive analysis of your processes to consulting advice on and selection of exactly the right lubricant and process optimisation for all aspects of your wire drawing application. Together we find and develop exactly the right solutions and provide you with support in achieving your goals – worldwide, with reliability and over 140 years of experience in the wire drawing industry.

Optimise your wire drawing application with Traxit coating agents and increase your productivity and customer satisfaction – have a word with our experts!

At a glance: Stable wire drawing processes and more productivity with Traxit coatings

  • The right coating for your pre-treatment in the wire drawing line: Selected by our experts on the basis of your individual processes, tribological requirements and needs.
  • Longer die service life and maximum productivity through higher speeds and more stable processes.
  • Optimum pre-treatment of the wire surface: Irregularities are evened out, acids absorbed and the solubility of lubricant residues improved.
  • Savings in space and high infeed speeds thanks to coating agents with faster drying characteristics.
  • Global availability and service: With suppliers in over 150 countries and individual services, Traxit is close to its customers all over the world.

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