Energy costs and consumption affect the economic and ecological efficiency of production. Our energy efficiency service helps you to optimize energy consumption, which not only reduces financial burdens but also supports your sustainability goals.

Sustainable cost reduction and footprint optimization

Energy efficiency is at the heart of reducing energy consumption and costs and promoting sustainability. Every unused kilowatt hour of electricity not only helps to reduce costs, but also optimizes your carbon footprint.

Tribological requirements in production vary considerably, and every wire drawing company has specific requirements and challenges when it comes to increasing efficiency. We work with you on this optimization, starting with a personal on-site consultation and ending with comprehensive documentation of the results.

Our service includes


Together and in partnership, our experts analyze the wire drawing machine or machines on site to understand your current situation.


Precise measurement and recording of production parameters - such as drawing speed, reduction factor, number of drawing dies, material usage and energy consumption - form the starting point for further measures.


A comprehensive and professional analysis of all data forms the basis for our recommendations for the next steps. Based on this information, we develop alternative products for a test phase.

Test phase and product deployment

In the test phase, we implement our alternative products on your machine under real conditions. We check whether our recommendation meets your requirements or whether an alternative solution is required. If an existing product does not meet your requirements or the desired results, we develop a customized product specifically for your needs. In this way, we focus on providing you with the best possible result.

Product recommendation: Our reporting for your savings potential

We translate the data obtained from the actual analysis and test phase into relevant information for you, including product recommendations, energy consumption and a possible cost calculation.

Although the costs for the alternative product may be slightly higher, the investment often pays for itself within just a few months. This leads to a reduction in energy costs, CO2 emissions and usually improves product quality due to lower residues.

Benefit from our many years of expertise, which we have gained from customer projects worldwide.

Your advantages in energy efficiency:

Higher efficiency and lower costs thanks to high-quality drawing media

  • Higher overall efficiency of your production
  • Lower total operating costs

Improvement of your own CO² footprint

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improvement of your company's CO2 balance

Our specialists for your ecological and economic success

Increased efficiency

  • On-site measurements at your machine
  • Analysis taking into account current methods
  • Transparent presentation of where savings can be made

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