Dry lubricants from Traxit enable higher process stability, speeds and quality. They therefore increase profitability in the wire drawing industry.

Less friction and wear, more quality and profitability: That is what dry lubricants deliver for the wire drawing industry

In the cold forming of metal for the production of wires, enormous forces act on the material involved and on the drawing die. Optimum results and a high level of productivity can be achieved here by reducing the friction on the die in wire drawing. For coarse wires such as rope wire, welding wire and reinforcement wire as well as wire rods, which require initial pre-treatment, special wire drawing lubricants are used for the dry drawing process.

These are generally based on sodium soap, calcium soap or a mix of both and they provide hydro-dynamic lubrication between the tool and the wire. The dry drawing lubricants are supplied as powder in the die box. When the wire is drawn, a strongly adhering and formable lubricant layer is created on the die. It reduces the resulting friction and thereby the temperature and wear during the process as well.

Why the selection of exactly the right dry drawing lubricant for the wire drawing line is so important

Wire drawing lubricants have a considerable influence on the quality of the end product and on process stability and profitability in wire drawing. Used correctly, they can even compensate for deficiencies in upstream process stages. Traxit therefore offers over 300 specialty lubricants and also develops customer-specific solutions, to ensure that exactly the right lubricant is provided for every wire drawing process. They help prevent broken wires, even at high processing speeds, and ensure optimum stability for the wire drawing process. At the same time, Traxit dry drawing lubricants have different fat contents and additives to ensure a uniform wire surface and a higher quality of finished wire as a result.

Due to the reduced friction, the dry lubricants reduce the wear on the die and ensure a longer period of operation and service life; that saves costs.

The cost-effectiveness of wire production is further enhanced by the use of exactly the right wire drawing lubricants, reducing consumption per ton of wire produced, cutting energy consumption and generating less waste.

These characteristics of lubricants increase the efficiency and quality of the dry drawing process

Productivity levels in the wire drawing industry are dependent on the forming size in the wire drawing line. In order to achieve a large reduction on the wire diameter with fewer reductions and higher speeds, dry lubricants from Traxit offer higher temperature stability and are also resistant to high pressure, without losing their characteristics. In addition, they also have homogeneous lubricant grain sizes, which ensures smooth processing in the process and also guarantees that the lubricant can flow uniformly in the die box in the dry wire drawing process. In this way, products from Traxit prevent a tunnelling effect on the die. This cuts out the need for die boxes with agitators. A further advantage is the reduction of dust – which is important for compliance with occupational health and safety measures and for work safety.

Dry lubricants from Traxit also offer the advantage of a very large softening range, achieving high adhesion even at low temperatures. This characteristic also results in less dust in the drawing process. Thanks to good cleanability, companies in the wire drawing industry benefit from savings and reduced effort in terms of cleaning agents and energy required for removing any residues from finished products.

On the basis of extensive tribological research and tests and trials in the field, the chemical characteristics of the Traxit dry lubricants are determined and continuously optimised, resulting in wire lubricants which are characterised by low moisture absorption on the one hand, while absorbing free acids and lime on the other. The result is long-lasting, uniform lubrication between the die and wire and an optimum wire surface.

Working together for success: With exactly the right dry lubricant and Traxit as your partner

Exactly the right dry lubricant, perfectly tailored to the requirements and wire drawing process of each customer: The focus and goal of Traxit is to create added value through the highest possible product quality, innovations and custom-tailored service. Our experts take care of all questions relating to your wire drawing lubricants – from the comprehensive analysis of your processes to consulting advice on and selection of exactly the right lubricant and process optimisation for all aspects of your wire drawing application. Together we find and develop exactly the right solutions and provide you with support in achieving your goals – worldwide, with reliability and over 140 years of experience in the wire drawing industry.

Optimise your wire drawing application with Traxit dry lubricants and increase your productivity and customer satisfaction – have a word with our experts!

At a glance: Less friction and better product quality with Traxit dry lubricants

  • The right lubricant for your dry drawing processes: Selected by our experts on the basis of your individual processes, tribological requirements and needs.
  • High temperature and pressure stability for maximum forming sizes, fewer reductions and reduced consumption.
  • Optimum process stability and uniform lubrication thanks to homogeneous grain sizes, low moisture absorption and absorption of acids and lime.
  • Economical throughout the entire wire drawing process: Low consumption, long-lasting die durability and service life and low energy consumption and waste.
  • Global availability and service: With suppliers in over 150 countries and individual services, Traxit is close to its customers all over the world.

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