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Discover the optimal solution for the cold forming of metal and the production of wires. Our focus is on providing you with optimum results and maximum productivity by effectively reducing friction during wire drawing on the drawing die.

For coarse wires such as rope wire, welding wire, construction steel wire and wire rods that are pre-processed, we use special wire drawing agents for dry drawing. These high-quality products are generally based on sodium soaps, calcium soaps or a perfect combination of both ingredients. Their use enables hydrodynamic lubrication between the tool and wire, which leads to optimum results.

Our dry drawing lubricants are fed as a powder directly into the drawing box. During the drawing process, a solid, adherent and deformable lubricating film forms on the drawing die. This film plays a decisive role in reducing friction, temperature and wear during the entire process.

Rely on the proven Traxit quality and optimize your wire drawing processes for efficient and smooth production. Rely on our experience and high-quality products - to keep your production on the road to success!

The importance of selecting the right dry drawing lubricants for efficient wire drawing

The selection of the optimum dry drawing lubricant for wire drawing plays a crucial role in the quality of the end product, the stability of the process and the overall cost-effectiveness of wire drawing. Traxit, as an expert in this field, offers a diverse range of over 300 drawing lubricants and develops customized solutions to ensure that every wire drawing process receives the right lubricant.

Benefits of choosing the right dry drawing lubricant:

  • Quality improvement and compensation for defects:

The targeted use of Traxit dry drawing agents not only prevents wire breakage at high processing speeds, but also enables the compensation of defects from previous process steps, which increases the end product quality.

  • Optimum stability of the wire drawing process:

Traxit's dry drawing lubricants enable optimum stability of the wire drawing process, which has a positive effect on process continuity.

  • Improved wire surface for higher quality:

Thanks to different grease contents and additives, Traxit dry drawing lubricants produce a uniform wire surface, resulting in a higher quality finished wire.

  • Reduced wear and longer service life:

Traxit's dry lubricants minimize friction, which reduces die wear, resulting in longer die life and service life. This results in cost savings.

  • Increase in economic efficiency:

The targeted use of precisely fitting lubricants leads to a reduction in consumption per ton of wire produced, a reduction in energy consumption and a minimization of waste - all factors that increase the overall cost-effectiveness of wire production.

The right choice of Traxit's dry drawing lubricants is crucial to maximize wire drawing efficiency, improve product quality and reduce costs at the same time. Rely on Traxit's extensive experience and wide range of products to optimally meet the requirements of your individual wire drawing process.

Product quality is reflected in the forming size during wire drawing

This is where Traxit dry drawing compounds come in, offering an optimum solution for fewer reductions and higher speeds, resulting in significant process and cost improvements.

Our dry drawing lubricants are characterized by outstanding properties: high temperature stability and pressure resistance without compromising on quality. The homogeneous grain size of the lubricant ensures uniform rolling in the drawing box, which not only prevents tunnel formation on the drawing die, but also minimizes dust formation. This not only contributes to compliance with occupational health and safety measures, but also increases overall efficiency.

With a generous softening range, our dry drawing compounds offer impressive advantages:

  • High adhesion even at low temperatures
  • Less dust in the drawing process
  • Excellent cleanability - reduces effort and saves on cleaning agents and energy efficiency

Research and development are key elements at Traxit Wire Lubrication. By continuously optimizing the chemical properties of our dry drawing agents, based on research and accompanying practical applications, we achieve impressive results.

The result is low moisture absorption and simultaneous absorption of free acids and lime. These factors ensure long-lasting, even lubrication between the drawing die and wire, and therefore an optimum wire surface.

Together for success: Traxit your reliable partner

Traxit pursues the clear goal of offering the perfectly matched dry drawing lubricant for every requirement and every wire drawing process.

Our focus is on the highest product quality and individual service in order to provide you with sustainable added value. Our experts are at your side from the comprehensive analysis of your processes and advice through to the selection of the optimum drawing lubricants and process optimization for your wire drawing application.

With over 140 years of expertise and experience in the wire drawing industry, we are your reliable partner worldwide. Together, we develop customized solutions to achieve your goals.

Put your trust in our expertise and let us help you optimize your wire drawing application. This will not only increase your productivity, but also the satisfaction of your customers.

Talk to our experts and take the first step towards joint success!

Milestone: World's first certification for vegan wire drawing lubricants

Certified by The Vegan Society

Innovation, sustainability, customer focus and research & development are deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy.

On behalf of a renowned British customer, Traxit Wire Lubrication has worked significantly on the development and international certification of vegan drawing lubricants.

The prestigious certification "The Vegan Trademark" from the respected British institute The Vegan Society was awarded for the first time worldwide for dry drawing lubricants - a significant step that underlines Traxit Wire Lubrication's leading position in the field of drawing lubricants.

The vegan lifestyle is present worldwide with over 500 million followers and extends to all areas of life, not just food consumption but also furniture and mattresses. Therefore, we can speak of an existing market for vegan draw materials that support the vegan lifestyle.

The certification is particularly important for the business customers of our British wire drawing company. Our customer supplies companies in the furniture industry for mattresses and upholstered furniture. This enables the production of vegan furniture such as mattresses with a spring core or upholstered furniture without animal components.

Markets with a high proportion of vegans can be found worldwide, particularly in countries such as India and Mexico, as well as in Europe, including the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and Italy - all of which are important sales markets for vegan products.

At a glance: Maximum performance and quality with Traxit dry lubricants

  • The right lubricant for your dry drawing processes: Our experts select it individually according to your processes, tribological requirements and needs. 
  • Our dry drawing lubricants offer high temperature and pressure stability to achieve maximum forming sizes, minimize reductions and reduce consumption.
  • Homogeneous grain sizes, low moisture absorption and the absorption of acid and lime ensure optimum process stability and uniform lubrication. 
  • Economical throughout the entire wire drawing process: Thanks to low consumption, long die life and service life as well as reduced energy consumption and waste.
  • Worldwide availability and customer-oriented service: Traxit is there for you with its own companies and parrtners in over 150 countries. With our customized service, we are always close to our customers. 

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