For top quality and productivity in wet wire drawing, Traxit offers exactly the right wire drawing lubricants. They enable stable production with low wear.

Wet lubricants: Your guarantee for maximum productivity and clean surfaces in wire production

The economical production of welding wire and other fine and ultra-fine wires requires a high level of process stability. Wet lubricants developed specifically for the purpose provide reliable protection against ruptured or broken wires even at high production speeds and also ensure smooth, clean and bright end surfaces. The wires which are produced therefore meet even the highest requirements, for example in the automotive, medical engineering and electronics industries.

Depending on the specific wet wire drawing process, various emulsions are used in single or multi-pass processes and these are for the most part based on natural fats. They are used in the form of a concentrate or diluted in water. In addition to their lubrication effect in wet wire drawing, the liquid lubricants also have the advantage of providing an intensive cleaning effect and protection against corrosion.

In this way, exactly the right wet lubricants increase process stability in wire drawing

Every wire drawing process in the industry is individual and places different requirements on the lubricant used. This is the reason why Traxit has developed and manufactures over 300 lubricants for dry drawing, wet wire drawing and pre-treatment with coating agents. For each wet drawing process of its customers, the Traxit experts select exactly the right lubricants or develop new wire drawing lubricants for special requirements and applications. In addition, they advise companies on optimum use and help contribute to process improvement.

As a result, the benefits to you from using Traxit wet lubricants for wet wire drawing are enhanced reliability and cost-effectiveness in wire production with low lubricant consumption and long-lasting lubricants, along with lower costs and greater sustainability thanks to savings on electrical energy and less waste. At the same time, exactly the right wet lubricants ensure that the wire surfaces have the highest possible level of quality and cleanliness and hence ensure high quality products and satisfied customers.

Factors affecting the selection of exactly the right lubricant for wet wire drawing

Lubricants prevent broken wires and ensure constantly high production speeds and consistent quality. Furthermore, they even compensate for defects from upstream production processes. Custom-selected wet lubricants from Traxit can be used in low working concentrations and, thanks to their optimum durability, make it possible for the bath to be used for longer. This results in reduced costs and increased cost-effectiveness. The high resistance of the emulsions against bacterial infestation and the stable pH value of Traxit lubricants also contribute to a longer operating life. Thanks to their low foaming, transferring by pumping, strong recirculation and use in spray systems is no problem. Due to their high temperature stability, there is no need for any cooling systems in the production systems for wet-drawn wires.

A further advantage of the lubricants for wet wire drawing processes from Traxit is their excellent cleaning effect. This means that no additional cleaning processes are required, even for wires which are chrome-plated or nickel-plated after production, or for which a perfectly clean end surface is required for use. The wet lubricants also provide reliable protection against corrosion.

For easier handling, storage and disposal, Traxit also offers wet lubricants without hazardous substance labelling and with low potential for water endangerment. Being largely non-critcal, they increase the safety of workers in wire production.

Working together for success: With exactly the right wet lubricant and Traxit as your partner

Exactly the right wet lubricant, perfectly tailored to the requirements and wire drawing processes of each customer: The focus and goal of Traxit is to create added value through the highest possible product quality, innovations and custom-tailored service. Our experts take care of all questions relating to your wire drawing lubricants – from the comprehensive analysis of your processes to consulting advice on and selection of exactly the right lubricant and process optimisation for all aspects of your wire drawing application. Together we find and develop exactly the right solutions and provide you with support in achieving your goals – worldwide, with reliability and over 140 years of experience as the market leader in the wire drawing industry.

Optimise your wire drawing application with Traxit wet lubricants and increase your productivity and customer satisfaction – have a word with our experts!

At a glance: High cost-effectiveness and clean wire surfaces with Traxit wet lubricants

  • The right lubricant for your wet wire drawing processes: Selected by our experts on the basis of your individual processes, tribological requirements and needs.
  • Traxit wet lubricants enable cost savings to be made thanks to low working concentrations and optimum durability.
  • Outstanding cleaning effect and protection against corrosion ensure clean and bright surfaces and the highest possible wire quality.
  • Economical throughout the entire wire drawing process: Low consumption, long-lasting durability and reduced energy consumption and waste.
  • Global availability and service: With suppliers in over 150 countries and individual services, Traxit is close to its customers all over the world.

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