Individual analysis, consulting advice on site and process optimisation: Traxit is your partner for all aspects of wire drawing and the use of custom-tailored lubricants.

We are pulling in the same direction together: In this way, services from Traxit increase the productivity of your wire drawing systems

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Base material and end product, design of the wire drawing system, speed and temperature: The wire drawing process is influenced by a whole host of factors.

The multitude of possible applications, ranging from delicate valve spring pins for the automotive industry to musical instrument strings, spring steel and structural steel and steel for bridges, ensure that no two production plants in the world are alike. The tribological requirements to be taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate lubricant are also correspondingly diverse.

Our experts are there to assist you with the selection of exactly the right lubricant for your individual wire drawing application. They can provide you with support on optimum use and help you achieve the maximum in terms of product quality, efficiency and economy in wire production.

From the wire drawing process to specialty lubricants: We find exactly the right lubricant

With over 300 dry lubricants, wet lubricants and coating agents, Traxit offers you the world’s biggest range of lubricants for industrial wire production. They have been developed on the basis of 140 years of experience in the industry and adapted to a wide range of material properties, processing methods and processes.

The basis for the selection of the right lubricant for your area of application is a comprehensive understanding of your requirements by our experts on site. To this end, we analyse your drawing processes and wire samples from your production. We make your individual requirements our own and use this as the basis for determining the optimum lubrication solutions.

Easy handling, occupational health and safety and sustainability: We consider the overall picture, covering all aspects of your wire drawing application

When it comes to the selection of your specialty lubricant for wire drawing, our experts take account not only of the influencing factors specific to the product, die and process, but the easiest possible handling, trouble-free storage and occupational health and safety with respect to your employees, as well as sustainability in terms of application and use.

This covers, for example, checking for a reduction in the range of your lubricant types, and the measurement of lubricant consumption and energy requirements for your production. From this data, our experts work with you to derive potentials and measures for savings and provide you with support in implementing and evaluating them.

As a result, you improve your processes, contribute to environmental protection through increased sustainability and save ready cash thanks to reduced consumption of energy and lubricants.

Special requirements and innovative processes: We develop the right lubricant for you

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Custom-tailored solutions are standard at Traxit: Where our comprehensive range of dry and wet lubricants and coatings is not absolutely right for the wire drawing process in question, we work closely together with our customers to develop new lubricants. They are perfectly tailored to each specific wire drawing process and thoroughly tested in laboratories and test applications before use in serial production.

In this way, in combination with the systematic further development and of our existing range of products, we ensure that we are able to supply suitable lubricants to meet the requirements of the wire drawing industry in the future as well, ones which ensure high system availability and productivity with low costs and consumption.

Optimise your wire drawing application with our services and increase your productivity and customer satisfaction – have a word with our experts!

Focus on quality, versatility and customer satisfaction

When choosing between customized solutions for drawing tools and standard drawing tools, the question often arises: Is a standard product always the best option?

Our standard products offer clear advantages:

  • They are designed for a wide range of applications.
  • They score points for their consistent product quality over several years. Our customers rely on this and it offers planning security in production.
  • They are also quickly available for our customers.

Your advantage with customized solutions for drawing lubricants:

  • Optimization on demand: We develop individual solutions for customers for whom our standard products do not deliver the desired result.
  • The focus here is on the desired production result.
  • We know our customers' needs and offer tailor-made products that meet their specific requirements.

Opt for the perfect balance between efficiency, energy and customer orientation - with our individual drawing agents for your unique requirements.

Rely on quality, flexibility and a long-term partnership with Traxit Team, who understand your individual success stories.

On-the-spot for you – over 150 locations worldwide

From our headquarters in Schwelm, Germany, Traxit has developed over its 140-year history into the biggest manufacturer of dry lubricants, wet lubricants and coating agents for the wire drawing industry and the world market leader in the field. A sense of community and identification have remained through all the growth. Our employees worldwide, our production sites in Germany, China and the USA as well as a network of experts and suppliers in over 150 countries provide advice to all customers on site, individual services and custom-tailored solutions for each individual wire drawing process.

As a company of Klüber Lubrication, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty lubricants and part of the Freudenberg Group, we are able to draw on a large network of experts and comprehensive tribological know-how. You benefit from this through optimised products and innovations, customer-oriented service and proximity to your contact person.

At a glance: Traxit services for increased productivity in the wire drawing industry

  • The right lubricant for your wire drawing application: Selected by our experts on the basis of your individual processes, tribological requirements and needs.
  • Individual solutions for new applications: We develop customer-specific lubricants for innovative wire drawing processes and special requirements.
  • Comprehensive analysis: We take process- and product-specific influencing factors into consideration along with occupational health and safety, easy handling, energy-efficiency and sustainability.
  • On-the-spot worldwide: Three production sites in Germany, China and the USA as well as suppliers in over 150 countries ensure customer responsiveness and service.
  • Strong partners for all aspects of lubricants and their application: Traxit is part of Klüber Lubrication and a company of the Freudenberg Group.

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