The optimal wire drawing process and how lubricants can increase process stability, quality and speed and thereby reduce wear and costs.

Wire drawing: From craft businesses to industry

Jewellery in the Bronze Age, chain mail in the Middle Ages and state-of-the-art applications in the medical sector, automotive industry and architecture: Wire drawing as a technology has been with us for centuries. Demand for wires has increased since the advent of industrialisation and led to a wide range of variations – from rugged steel wires for building and construction, to delicate non-ferrous metal wires with diameters of less than one millimetre, aluminium wires, copper-clad aluminium-clad wires and wires suitable for the application of rubber-insulation for special applications.

Traxit: Pioneering work for over 140 years

The areas of application for the wires are as many and varied as the wire drawing processes for their production. To provide the industry with support and improve the wire production processes, back in 1881 chemist and pharmacist August Neuhoff started manufacturing lubricants specifically designed for the purpose. That was the launch of Traxit – the word stems from the Latin term “trahere”, the literal meaning of which is “drawn”.

Headquartered in Schwelm, Germany, the company has now been manufacturing high-grade dry lubricants, wet lubricants and coating agents for wire drawing for no less than 140 years. In addition to over 300 standard products, Traxit also develops customised lubricants for special wire drawing processes and applications.

In this way, lubricants ensure less wear and greater productivity in wire production

The principle of wire drawing is easily explained: A wire rod is drawn by a tool – the so-called drawing die – and cold-formed in the process; the wire becomes longer and its diameter reduced according to the die. Enormous forces are exerted in the process. Depending on the base material and the desired end product, the wire undergoes a number of reductions until the final dimension is reached.

Wire drawing processes are as individual as the wires produced
Each manufacturer relies on its own process, tried and tested over many years, to achieve an optimum ratio of reduction and speed without the wire rupturing or increased wear on the drawing die.

Lubricants stabilise the wire drawing process and reduce wear
High quality lubricants from Traxit have an influence on all of these parameters: They can improve the material properties of the wire rod by providing uniform surface roughness. This helps to prevent wire ruptures and breaks and to stabilise the wire drawing process. At the same time it also makes it possible to achieve higher speeds in wire production as well. As a film of lubricant between the wire and die, lubricants from Traxit also reduce the friction on the die. This results in lower temperatures, reduced consumption of electricity and a longer die service life due to reduced wear.

Research and development for further increased efficiency and sustainability
To meet the requirements of each process, Traxit supplies over 300 dry lubricants, wet lubricants and coating agents for the wire drawing industry and develops new and highly specialised solutions on request. The wire drawing lubricants help companies achieve greater sustainability through economical consumption and energy savings and increase plant productivity. The comprehensive services on offer also make a contribution here. With them, Traxit provides customers with individual consulting advice as well as support on the optimisation of their processes.

With over 280 borax-free products and continuous research and development work, Traxit contributes to ever-increasing efficiency and improved environmental compatibility. This ensures that our customers comply with future standards, regulations and requirements for lubricants in the wire industry too.

To the Traxit dry lubricants
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Working together for success: With exactly the right lubricant and Traxit as your partner

Exactly the right lubricant, perfectly tailored to the requirements and wire drawing process of each customer: The focus and goal of Traxit is to create added value through the highest possible product quality and custom-tailored service. Our experts take care of all questions relating to your wire drawing lubricants – from the comprehensive analysis of your processes to consulting advice on and selection of exactly the right dry lubricants, wet lubricants and coating agents and process optimisation for all aspects of your wire drawing application. Together we find and develop exactly the right solutions and provide you with support in achieving your goals – worldwide, with reliability and over 140 years of experience in the wire drawing industry.

Optimise your wire drawing application with Traxit and increase your productivity and customer satisfaction – have a word with our experts!

At a glance: Traxit - partner for the wire drawing industry

  • The right lubricant for your wire drawing application: Selected by our experts on the basis of your individual processes, tribological requirements and needs.
  • 140 years of experience and over 300 dry lubricants, wet lubricants and coating agents: Make the most of the know-how of the world market leader!
  • On-the-spot worldwide: Three production sites in Germany, China and the USA as well as suppliers in over 150 countries ensure customer responsiveness, the availability of our products and outstanding service.
  • Strong partners for all aspects of lubricants and their application: Traxit is part of Klüber Lubrication and a company of the Freudenberg Group.

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